Zionism Compared to the Stargate Ori



Unfortunately for most Americans, they have been subverted by the Jewish thinking, the Jews control all of the television and print and they even control all of the Christian churches because they are reading from a Jewish holy book.  24-7 the drone of Jew mentality is broadcast across the nation, it is the hell matrix of sight and sound, those immersed are in the false reality of Jewish supremacist thinking patterns.

The Bible is a political control document, it is the primary Jewish subverSION tool and reinforced by their control of the mass media. The Bible is being used to establish authority in the mind of the believer with the god meme.  Once Jewish Biblical authority is established, the goy then tolerate any level of government, so long as the authorities provide a plausible reason of taking their money and freedom away, the pacified sheep tolerate it.

White People Got Suckered by the Bible

In order for a white person to do the dirty work of the Jews, that is kill and torture innocent people who are in the way of the Jew World Order, they have to be first subverted to the Jewish way of thinking.  White people are normally gentle humans and they are derogatorily labeled gentiles in the Bible.  Gentle people are despised as inferior by Jew supremacists and the ruling class, a gentile isn’t saved like a Christian or a chosen one like a Jew.

white christians torturing Iraqis

An American Christian has been trained in Jewish supremacist thinking by simply being a Christian and believing in the basic tenants of the Bible.  God saving Christians for their beliefs is an ultra supremacist thought.  The Christian is going to heaven and the non believer (gentile/heaven/unbeliever) is going to hell, thus the Christian is superior and thus holds a superior mental position compared to a gentle person who is just living by the golden rule of helping others.

Many Christians are now predatory like their Jew cousins, looking for power over their fellow man.  Many fundamentalist Christians are converted to Zionism because it is a path to power.  Once supremacism and god memes sweep society, hell is unleashed.  That is what is going on inside America, America is under the curse of the Bible hierarchical thinking and subversion.

Modern Society is a Hierarchical Order of Supremacists

Police are supremacists, they believe they can arrest or shoot you but you can not do the same to them.  The court system is an outgrowth of this supremacist thinking, courts are often given supremacist labels like ‘Superior Court’, ‘Supreme Court’.

The metaphysical fact that no one has any authority over another requires that humans be brainwashed to accept courts and cops.  Kidnapping and extortion are considered grave crimes unless the cops and courts do it, then those barbaric acts of aggression are called arrest and bail.

Americans are trained to obey, and at airports Americans are subjugated to humiliating inspections of TSA thugs who gleefully grope granny as they look for weapons and terrorists.  All this insanity brought to you by the fear instilled of 911, a Jewish false flag.

Travelers Use Los Angeles International Airport Day After Shooting Killed One TSA Agent

Modern day America is a Zionist hell matrix of authoritarian control.  How did this happen, how was the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness turned into a Jewish controlled totalitarian camp?

Christians Spread the Jewish Cult of Authority

Christian Zionists help spread the Jewish death cult with their missions and Bible thumping.  Don’t you see, the all powerful God Jehovah needs helpers?  God is spread by the word and the word is God.  And that is all ‘God’ really is, words in a book.

A Christian church converted to Zionism is a franchise of hell.  Thousands and thousands of Christians churches are now Zionist churches who are rallying around Israhell, and provide a huge amount of cover and camouflage for the Jewish supremacists.  Jews are very clever parasites, they have enlisted the other (races) in their desire to subjugate the world to their evil ways.


The absurdity of modern world is illustrated by the relationship between Zionist Christians and Israel.  Benjamin Netanyahu of Polish parents is claiming that his people have claim to the holy land in a place far away from his genome.  Pastor Hagee subverts the Christian flock to the benefit of Israel, claiming god will curse America if she doesn’t support those poor Jews returning to Palestine.


But as everyone can see now, Israel did 911, and Hagee is just a plain ole’ traitor while Bibi plays the destroyer role of antichrist.  None of what these clowns say is true because they base all of their logic on the holy books which are completely discredited as forgeries of older text.

The Bible isn’t true, it is a story book, a narrative of fictional people.  The Jews never were, there is no such thing as Yahweh, no angry sky god out to get you, no sin keeping you out of heaven, and no judgment when you die, and no need of a savior.  It is all BULLSHIT!  The Holy Bible is a great big JEWISH lie just like the Federal Reserve and market capitalism.  This Bible is not a legal claim to someone’s else’s property, the Jews are not holy or chosen, just everyday murderers and crooks.

You, the white person (or the black or brwon person), has been conned out of your heritage and this was done with the Jew’s primary weapon, the Holy Bible, which is not holy and not accurate and a perversion of Jewish supremacism thinking.  Nearly every Mexican has lost their heritage due to the invasive specie from Europe, now they are slaves on the Jew plantation.  Whites need to be inclusive in their quest for sovereignty, it isn’t only them on the Jew plantation.

You think you need to worship God because a book tells you so.  Why?  What fear lies within you that you adhere to the demonic book of the Jews?  Ask yourself, what god needs your worship?  Only a tyrant god demands worship.  And this tyrant’s true identity are the Jews themselves!  You’ve been suckered!

Science Fiction Illustrates the Insanity on Planet Earth

If you have ever seen the science fiction show Stargate about the Ori, the true nature of Christianity is perfectly exposed.  Christians spreading the Gospel (God Spell) are just like the Ori, the Priors and their armies spreading the Book of Origin.  This one true religion is intolerant like Christianity, and it must be spread by hook or crook, all those that refuse to convert are wiped out.

ori priest


“The Ori seem to be Ascended beings who believe that they deserve unquestioning worship and devotion from all humans. They also consider the more benevolent teachings of their Ascended rivals, the Ancients, to be evil.

For millennia, the Ancients have protected the humans of the Milky Way from domination by the Ori, but Daniel’s activation of the communications device has alerted the Ori to the vast numbers of unbelievers in Earth’s home galaxy. As a result, the Ori have begun to send out missionaries, called Priors. Armed with the power of their Ascended masters and convinced that heathen lives are worthless, the Priors’ goal is to convert the entire galaxy to the worship of the Ori — by any means necessary.”



People are waking up to what their religion really is and as they do they will fall away from the churches, and when they do, they will start thinking and start seeing the world as it really is, not through the lens of the Bible.  Support for demonic Israel will falter as the sheep undo the demonic Jewish spell of the Bible that currently possesses their minds.  If you think this is just hyperbole, go tell a Christian that Israel did 911, they can not believe that because it goes against everything they know about God and the Holy Land.


“His words were a chilling prophecy that the Ori were coming to this galaxy to destroy the Ancients. The Doci had vowed that “Great holy armies shall be gathered and trained to fight all those who embrace evil. In the name of the gods, ships shall be built to carry our warriors out amongst the stars, and we will spread Origin to all the unbelievers. The power of the Ori will be felt far and wide and the wicked shall be vanquished.” As vast ships and armies of warriors prepared for the crusade, the Priors warned of an impending “Doomsday,” a day when all shall witness the final battle between the light and darkness and when all who have renounced the Ori will feel their wrath. Referred to as the “Day of Reckoning” for those who were raised by evil, the holy crusade began with the arrival through the supergate of four Ori ships in the Milky Way Galaxy.”

Doomsday is arriving, a great day of reckoning for the Jews and what they have done in the name of their god.  Peace on earth will be finally achieved when the Jews and their Christian helpers are put out of business.


One thought on “Zionism Compared to the Stargate Ori

  1. Anonymous

    You might be the most ignorant judge-mental bigot I’ve run across. You might try doing a bit more research before you let your ridiculous obviously uneducated thoughts fill the pages of your site. I challenge you to prove the Bible wrong. Trust me you can’t. Prove the earth is a globe once again you can’t. Prove the Hebrew people were Jews. You can’t. The Zionist Jews you speak of were not Hebrew.
    I cannot too strongly emphasise that point. The word ‘Jew’, even as it is presently used in the Bible, was only ever applicable to the southern House of Judah, and in fact, only to a small portion of even that section of the overall people of Israel. The Northern House of Israel was NEVER referred to as ‘Jews.’ In fact, the major portion of the House of Judah was also NEVER referred to as ‘Jews.’ The zionist jews are actually Khazars that infiltrated the priest hood of YHVH’s people.

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