The Jew Hive Mind


Hive Mind

There is a new meme emerging, the Jews are Borg, the Jews have a hive mind, the Jews are like a plague of locusts; they fly into your nation, eat everything leaving the scene of their crimes in total devastation.  The hexed locust horde came to America during Europe’s religious persecutions, they came to America, the land of opportunity.  The Jews viewed America completely different than your forefathers who discovered a new continent to prosper through hard work, the Jew found a new land to exploit.

Atlantic Liner Immigrants

The Jews did feast and all that remains of America now is a hollowed out carcass.  This time they are not getting ready to flee to more promising lands, they are subverting America to Zionism and are getting ready to kill all resistors to the Jewish World  Order.  It’s now war, despotism and parasitism as far as the eye can see.  America is now a huge welfare state for Jews only, they are using America like toilet paper.

The Bible the Source of Hive Mind

The Bible is not a good book, it is a hex.  Seriously, the Bible is a spell and a hex on humanity.  It is the cause of our destruction because of what it does to the human mind.  The Bible is programming humanity to view the world a certain way and they how to interact in it.  The Bible is an upload to the human mind, it is a programming code.  When everyone reads the same book and follows the same set of rules and when everyone obeys a central authority you have the makings of a hive mind.

unzip brick wall

The Bible unifies everyone into one organism, everyone obeys God, a judgmental God, a Jude god.  The Bible establishes authority in your mind, with the Bible you relinquish your personal sovereignty and sign on to empire building, you become a cog in a big Jehovah judgmental war machine.  First ye must judge others before carpet bombing them.  The Bible is literally the memetic code for hive building.  American Empire is full of worker bees and soldiers and trigger happy cops trained in Israel, America is now an Empire controlled by Israel, a nation completely subverted to the Bible believing hive.

So if we want to understand why the Jews act as one organism then we need to understand how hives operate.  The insect world is full of examples.  Bees, ants, and locust hordes. Every member of the hive is independent but they work in unison toward the goals of the hive.  Americans can now only exist as members of the Jew hive, not even moderate Christians will be tolerated in the near future, only Zionist hive builders allowed.

Hive Wars

The grim joke of the Bible is that those that follow it make war on the unbelievers, which are often different strains of the same holy book.  The Bible is a virulent memetic complex, it possesses the believers.  Other hives, like Muslims, are rivals.  Each strain is like a separate hive of bees, and they war against each other with total viciousness.  Believers kill like no other killer because they are killing for God, the are killing with authority of the state.

The persecuted pilgrims in Europe grabbed their Bibles and fleed to North America only to build a military empire of their own that is now attacking everything.  The Jew Bible is the cause of the bloodshed because it is a code to dominate, after all it is the writing of Jewish supremacists.

That is the legacy of that god damn book.  The Bible is a book of getting power, and those that obey it’s edicts have left a trail of blood through time because to get power you must trampled all that resist your will, which is the will of the hive and that hive is now Zionism.  When the Bible is uploaded all the people in the group or church or synagogue start acting as one thing, vampires and zombies, which is why those two memes predominate social media today.  We know something is terribly wrong but we can’t quite put our finger on it.

Neale Diamonds uplifting song “They Came to America”  is now ‘They Flee from America’.   What are people fleeing?  Police state America, the Neoconned America, AIPACed America, the Jewish owned and operated America, the beast America, the Jewish owned military empire America that destroys all in its path.  People are fleeing land of freedom because America has become the Jew Borg hive.

Blind Obedience the Goal of Religion and State

Consider that religion is an attempt to build hive mind.  Everyone must conform to one god, the one true god.  Monotheism is intolerant of other gods, it is the source of the police state, a mentality in which all must conform to one thing or else.

How is hive builing accomplished?  How do you get intelligent minds turned off and establish unthinking hive minds?  Bible study.  What?  The Bible is a book of contradictions, you must believe everything in the Bible as the word of God, but the verses are contradictory.  How many?  A whole lot of them as shown in this next graphic.  Each arc is a contradiction between verses, studying the Bible makes you confused until you stop thinking and just blindly believe and obey those authorities ‘god’ appointed over you.

contra bible verse chart

And just who is this god appointed over you?  God?  The creator?  Not a chance.  It’s the god imposters, the Jews, and they get this superior position over you when you believe in their book.  By studying the Bible you become their slave.  That is the point of the book, to confuse you to the point that you become a good slave, an obedient slave, a cog in the Jew machine of supremacism and empire building.  The New World Order is the Jewish World Empire of obedient Zionist slaves.

bible programmed human, obedient slave

Studying the Bible is like a crack addict rewiring your car’s engine wiring harness.  The wires get crossed and mismatched until the engine won’t work anymore.  The human mind is the same thing as a wiring harness turned into a rat’s nest.  With so many contradictions uploaded, the brain just shuts down, unable to process information.  A blind believer is the goal of the Bible, a person unable to think properly is easily manipulated and obedient and thus becomes the ideal tool of church and or state.


Unable to reason the Bible is emotionally attached to the human energy field, so the person defends the Bible even though the Bible is the cause of their destruction.  The robot defends its operating system, because without the Bible the person would be lost.

bible contra

The Human Soul vs. Hive Programming

Once you’re trapped, death seems the only way out.  So faced with a life of servitude, why not just die on the battlefield?  Bible programming provides endless supply of Christian soldiers, whose trapped souls are willing to die to get free and try another body in another life.  Your soul is free and knows it and wants nothing of the hive.

your soul trapped as another-brick-in-the-wall

People often say ‘he sold his soul to the devil’ knowing that person sold out.  But there is no devil buying souls, that is just a memetic expression of something we don’t understand.  Selling out is the process of making a decision to be part of a hive, at the expense of the soul but to the favor of the body, by selling out you become comfortably numb and make it through this life … without your soul present.  What is an animated human without a soul?  A Zombie, a Christian is a Zombie being controlled by the Jew hive mind.

A modern example of the hive is loyalty to a corporation.  You sign on to a corporate hive, all the employees are part of one thing, the corporation, the price of membership is total loyalty, no matter what the corporation does you tolerate it because you get a material benefits of the good life with the wealth it produces.

Nazi Germany – an Attempt to Counter Jewish Hive Mind

Everyone knows that modern Israel is a national socialistic paradise, the national welfare state just for Jews, that bleeds America and Germany for its daily sustenance.  Israel hates America and Germany, countries full of goy workers toiling to put food in the mouth of the Israeli Jew.  90% of Jews in Israel are on welfare.  90%.  You pay for those bastards and they did 911.

They don’t do a damn thing and they hate you for being productive.

Why do the Jews hate Hitler and Nazi Germany so much?  Well we know why Jews hate Germans, Germans love to work and Jews don’t.  That could be one reason, but there is a much more fundamental reason why Jews hate German Nazis but love Jewish national socialists.

Have you noticed the Jews wants a monopoly on money creation and the Holocaust?  The Jew also wants a monopoly on national socialism.  Only Jews are allowed to have a nationalistic government, and no one else. Look at the immigration policies of Israel and compare that to any western nation.  Israel has laws to her benefit, all western nations are on a trajectory of national and cultural suicide.

Only Jews are allowed to whine about genocide and then extort a welfare lifestyle at our expense.  They hate Hitler because the want a monopoly on National Socialism.  They are doing everything they can so you never come to the realization that Hitler had the right ideas.


Is there a difference between the Nazis and Zionists?  There are big differences.  The primary difference is that the Nazis were organized by Hitler to oppose the Jewish World Empire and Israel is a creation of the Jewish World Empire.

The Germans tried to be gods amongst men, they tried to better themselves without Jewish parasitism, without Jewish banks and usury.  The Germans dissed the Jew god and became god.  This is what drives the Jew mad because the Jew considers himself to be the god, and just like the Bible says, Jehovah is a jealous god.  Are you getting in who your god really is Mr. Christian?  You are worshiping the Jew and the god is a mental fiction.

In order to fight the Jew hive you must build your own hive, and Hitler did just that.  This is why Mr. Jew hates Hitler, he was emulating them.  How dare the goy become gods, do you not know that we Jews are jealous gods and ye shall have no other God before us?

Jewish Subversion of the American Culture

So I hope you are getting the jist of this essay and what you are up against and what must be done.  Jewish supremacists have intentionally subverted the American culture, and millions of Christians are turncoats, sympathizers of Israel, full blooded traitors.  Israel did 911 and Christians, even non Zionist Christians are silent.  Treason.

cufi zionist traitors

Immigrants to America took full advantaged of freedom and built a nation on hard work and thrift.  America became a wealthy and productive nation because the government was limited in its control and theft.  But the Jews took over, now it is all gone.

The Jew must hive in order to steal, the Jew must have a strong central state to pull off his form of parasitism.  The Jew must have a hive mind to survive because the Jew doesn’t want to work.  Now the Jew has it’s own state, and the destruction reigning down on the world because of Israel will not cease until it is destroyed.

It’s Time for the Jews to Leave America

The Jews came to America and now for all to see, once again, they destroyed another nation state.  It’s time for them to leave.

Jewish Graph

But if you are paying attention they are not planning on leaving, they are digging in, fortifying their synagogues.  The are building a huge DHS army and buying hollow point ammunition by the billions of rounds, the are pre-positioning tanks in American cities.  All they need now is a financial collapse and an excuse to attack what freedom remains in America.  The Jew hive is getting ready to attack America.  AND THE ZIONIST CHRISTIANS ARE IN ON IT!


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