Let Me Beat the Yahweh Crap Out of You



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The LA Times, the sister Jew publication of the New York Times, is predicting the newly released Noah movie will soar to number one this week.  I agree, the Zionist Christians will flock to see it and lap up the propaganda because it matches their childish Biblical faith.

Noah never happened, it is a fictional account of the world wide flood that flooded cave man era villagers living in the lowlands along the fertile Euphrates valley.  But the literalists believe, oh they believe.  They have evil in their hearts and resonate with the Jew God Yahweh, the most evil deity in all of fiction.  Yahweh isn’t real anymore than Noah or Jewzeus, but the American Christians love these characters in the Jew book.

What the hell is wrong with you people, especially you White people, why in the hell do you believe in these sadistic Jewish characters when you are not one of them?  I don’t even like talking about this topic, but I have to, after reading the comments on my last two essays I feel compelled to write this.  We need a trip behind the woodshed and I need to beat the shit out of your mind, I am going to literally beat the Jew crap out of your being.   Anyone that believes any part of that Jew book needs to get pummeled and have the crap beat out of them.

Why do you base your reality on a Jewish fictional book?  Are you insane?  According to our culture belief in Biblical falsehoods makes you normal and belief in liberty and freedom makes you the enemy.  The reason for this cultural insanity is that the Jews run the system and they have normalized their perversions.  Yahweh is perverted Jew thinking, where ‘god’ is made out to be a psychopath and judgement is turned into love.  Only a Jew thinks that way, why do you?

As the world reels from Jewish manipulations, what is considered true is changing fast.  In the near future believers will be disdained and perhaps persecuted for taking Bible stories literal because the world is rapidly catching on to why everything is the screwed up.  The Jew is causal to nearly every problem.   The truth is being uncovered about the Jews and their endless lies and now we are only moments away from a historic reversal of fortunes, the Jews are going to be found out and their books are going to come under great scrutiny.

Archeology is doing the CSI on Bible stories and finding out that nearly everything in the text is embellished or outright falsehoods, including the leading characters like King David and Jesus.  No kings because there is no civilization and Jesus a literary invention.  Many of the prime Bible figures that believers look up to should not be held in high esteem, like Abraham who heard voices to kill his son Isaac for Yahweh, the punk god demanding loyalty tests.  The father of the Old Testament is a psycho hearing voices and exhibiting murderous tendencies.

What about the rest of the Bible characters?  I don’t like any of them, I don’t like any of them especially after listening to Charles Giuliani Truth Hertz radio shows which are posted commercial free on Mami’s Shit.  Charlie’s radio broadcasts are worth a listen.   If you need a pastor, try him.  This week he described Joshua and how Yahweh helped him massacre everyone.  The entire Old Testament is full of blood and gore of Hebrews mass murdering the other tribes just as they do now.  Nothing has changed, Jews are mass murderers and they do it in the name of their God.

Do you think all the wars America is involved in, all of the bloodshed, might be related to the book everyone reads?  You betcha.  Killing is what Yahweh does best and that is why the Bible should be prohibited text.  But the Whites love this guy.  Yeah I said white people, they seem to enjoy killing just like those Jews.  In World War II the Jew easily maneuvered Whities into killing each other, White American Germans got busy killing White German Germans.  What you should be doing is killing the god damn Jews, but you can’t because you are spell bound by his book.  What a laugh, you people are a fail, your genes could not overcome the Jew memes.  Memes have triumphed genes, that is really what the Bible is all about, the Jews tricked you into killing your own kind while the Jew laughs all the way to the bank!

So why would any loving human being associate themselves with Yahweh or even Jesus who affirmed the Torah?  You have to be a fool to do so especially if you are not a Jew.  The Bible is not about you or your tribe, it is a racist tribal document for Jews only.  So let us talk about these wonderful white people who all read and believe the Bible.  (BTW I am a white, half Irish and half German but I am not like them, I am the quintessential Aryan blond hair and blue eyes, strong and fit.)

I don’t believe in an evil control document as my salvation.   I do not believe in the Jew book and I do not appreciate anyone that does.  It is your internal realizations that save you, salvation in not from an external source unless it liberates your mind from bondage.  The very idea that a Jewish savior can save you from Jewish predation is patently false.  There is no judging god out to get you, there is no eternal hell, and anyone that asserts these ideas is a damn liar.

The Jew Zeus myth is getting you to passively accept Jewish bondage and slavery, you are turning your other cheek when you should be picking up the hammer and smashing the Jew head into a bloody pulp fiction.  In fact I don’t believe in the concept of eternal salvation because I realized a long time ago that a judging god is make believe, a lie used to justify control.  The Bible is all about this judgmental god, in this life and the next.  The Bible is a Jewish racist textbook, a book used to establish prejudice in the mind of the reader.  With the Yahweh installed on your brain hard drive you will gleefully kill, even members of your own tribe.

Is their any evidence of a judging god or is only myth being propagated to control the masses?  Is God really like what the Bible says?  Probably not, so the reason you agree with the Bible description of God is not that you have any real evidence, but because you have prejudice within your heart, so you resonate with the Jew text.  This is why the Bible was so easily sold to the warring tribes everywhere on the planet, especially White European peoples.  The Bible sticks to people in warfare resonance, those with lust to kill read and believe and clutch their Bible, and hold it dear.

If the White people want real salvation, they need to come out of Jewlandia, they need to free their minds from Jew judgment and Jewish thinking patterns, they need to quit believing in the Jew book and then basing their reality as if Yahweh was real.  No god is commanding you to kill the other tribe, the Rabbi is using the god meme to get authority so that you do his bidding.  The Bible is a book about a war god and it is being used to trump the other tribes, you and your own prejudice were trapped into a memetic prison with the Yahweh meme.

For the gods sake, figure it out, God is a meme used to establish authority in your mind and then control you.  No person has any authority over you, just take a look around you, is the person next to you in charge of you?  Get a grip people, no authority exists, it is a ruse, no person should control another any more than anyone should want to be the real Jew.  All of this insanity stems from this big lie that some god found favorites, that god chose one tribe above all others.  It’s not true, there are no chosen ones and the Jews that assert it are liars because they are racist assholes.  And if you can’t get sane about the god ruse then maybe you need to get out of the white gene pool.  Yahweh believers are a genetic fail.  Do you hear me all you Christian Identity freaks, you are genetic failures because you can’t overcome Jewish racist propaganda.

So listen up White peoples, if you really want salvation then take that god damn piece of Jew trash that you call holy and get rid of it, rip it in half, burn it, destroy it by any means possible.  Then wake the f-ck up and see the Jew through the trees that were cut down to print the Bible.  Uncloak the Jew Klingon that is gripping your mind like a Goa’uld parasite.  Yahweh is a fictional character in a Jew racist handbook, Yahweh isn’t your god and no White person should even want to be the real Jew parasite.




2 thoughts on “Let Me Beat the Yahweh Crap Out of You

  1. God

    wash-out type bigot!!! So do you believe in something other than your blashphemy , does it work for your eternal salvation?>we don’t want to hear it

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