Reptilians in the Garden


Are we a doomed specie facing extinction? Will space aliens or gods come to our rescue? How did we fall from the Garden of Eden and end up in a Fukushima radiation nightmare? Are the Jew’s reptiles in human form? Why hasn’t Jesus come back yet? Do we need to keep waiting  only a little bit longer, is Bible prophecy about to be fulfilled?


Are we a doomed specie facing extinction?  Will space aliens or gods come to our rescue?  How did we fall from the Garden of Eden and end up in a Fukushima radiation nightmare?  Are the Jew’s reptiles in human form?  Why hasn’t Jesus come back yet?  Do we need to keep waiting  only a little bit longer, is Bible prophecy about to be fulfilled?

Maybe the Bible is correct, maybe are we doomed, many who are rational are wondering out loud why those that rule us are destroying the ecosystem with Depleted Uranium or nuclear power plant sabotage.

Comparison of the Jewish God vs. the Jew

What is really going on with how religion is being used in service of the Jewish money masters?  Perhaps the mass mind was programmed to accept Jewish rule with the Christian mythology.  How does that thesis match the facts?  Is Christianity a ruse being used like the Holocaust Myth to prop up Jewish control?  Maybe it’s even worse than that, maybe all of our cherished beliefs are fabrications by the supremacist Jews who control the entire media and are masters of our consciousness.

What exactly is real?  The Holocaust?  Nope.  World War 2 history we were taught in school?  Nope?  The colored monopoly money in our pocket?  Not a chance. Moon landing?  I don’t know.  What about alien intervention in the human genome?  I don’t know.  What about the Jews, what the hell is a Jew anyways?  A race?  A religion?  A combination of the two?  Yes.

I tell you what a Jew is, regardless of ethnicity of the person, a Jew is a predator specie.  A malevolent, abusive, domineering, deceitful, greedy, ruthless, heartless, cunning, and camouflaged predator.  That description is based on my personal experience dealing with the supremacist variety.

Why is a Jew this way?  It can’t be his genes because I can show you those characteristics in Abe Foxman and Bibi Netanyahu, who are both White and Polish.  Have you noticed, that Polish Jews are more ruthless than the Semitic Jews?   So why is a Jew this way?  I will tell you why a Jew is that way.  It’s the book he reads.  The book is programming the person, regardless of ethnicity, to be that way.  It’s the memes not the genes.  Judaism is a memeplex that evil people like to associate with.  Judaism allows people who like evil to behave evil as a religious practice.

What is the book program about?  It is about the Jew being just like his god.  Richard Dawkins summed up the Bible god better than any other human thus far, this is how he describes Yahweh:

dawkins quote

Dawkins is not just describing God, he is also describing a typical Jew, and that shouldn’t be a surprise.  The Jew is his book which is his god, they are all one in the same.  The Bible is written by malevolent men who are describing a malevolent god, they are writing an outpicturing of themselves and then worshipping this god, they are worshipping their own Narcissus like image.  The sad thing is that so many non-Jews have taken up this god as their own and foresaken their hearts, some even falling in love with the projection of evil cast into the pond of infinity.

The Purpose of the Myth

What about the myths we were all taught, obviously they have a purpose.  The Holocaust has a purpose, to defame Germans and extort billions for the Jewish parasite.  What if the God of the Bible is another fabrication by those who wish to control society.  So if ‘god’ is another false belief what is the purpose of this idea being promulgated by the authorities?

If you think about this logically, the savior myth is getting most people to stand down, and as things get worse and worse those same people claim that the deteriorating conditions are fulfillment of Bible prophecy.  In other words the Bible myth is giving those in power a free pass to do whatever they want, including the upcoming extermination of most of humanity.  With God belief firmly entrenched in the sheeple the population won’t rebel against the authority.

If Joseph Atwill is correct in his latest book Caesar’s Messiah, then there is definitely no savior coming to our rescue, especially the one invented by Jewish scholars like Josephus in service of the Roman Empire.  According to Atwill, the ruling Roman Flavians invented Jesus in an attempt to quell the uprisings of the Messianic Jews.  It was a good myth, so good it spread to non-Jews, it was so good that it grew and grew for the past two Millenia and became the dominant religious memeplex on the planet.  That doesn’t make it true, it just makes it a successful mind virus.


What does the myth do for the authorities?  It established authority in the minds of the public.  They obey because they believe.  What is the purpose of the Garden of Eden myth?  Adam and Eve lived in paradise until they sinned and were expelled.  You are their progeny, you have to work because of of their sin, you have to suffer because of sin, so says the Bible.

But the garden story is myth, it is a myth that makes you guilty for being born, thus you are born into a slave system and you accept your lot because that is what everyone else does.  But it isn’t true, no god tossed you out of a garden, no woman sinned by eating some fruit and condemning men to toil.  We are simply evolving conscious beings that are no longer like animals following instinct, we are no long unconscious animals who just exist, that is the real evolutionary meaning of the myth.

It’s time to evolve out of bad Jewish myth and become free again.  Those that tell the myth must be forced to stop, those books of myth are dangerous and must be banned, otherwise slavery will continue.  We are free as soon as we dump the god meme and stop believing in authority and put the authoritarians to death for their crimes against humanity, after all they are mass murderers.

Heartless Hearts

The question being raised is why are psychopaths polluting their own planet?   Are Jews an alien specie is one that is on many minds.  Are Jews really Reptilians, or crossbreeds of an alien specie?  The problem with that theory is that we have extensive DNA and genome evidence that they are only human like the rest of us.

So we need a new theory, one that will explain all of the data we have thus far.  Psychopaths don’t care what they do, they live in a sea of lies, and only need the flimsiest of rationales to explain away any catastrophe perpetrated by someone else.  They are focused on money making and profit, uncaring to what is being chewed up in the wake of their exploits.  We all know persons with huge egos and how they behave.

For instance, when the US-Israel psychopaths destroyed Japan’s nuclear power plants in a tsunami false flag payback attack for Japan daring to tell the UN General Assembly that Israel is occupying Palestinian lands, they media psychopaths spin the event into a non event.  No one cares, that’s over there and Japan’s problem.

Jeff Rense can lament Fukushima every night on his radio show, it seems like only a very small handful of dedicated researchers who are fighting and exposing a system run by psychopaths actually care about this crisis.  Why?  Take a look at what these Jewish psychopaths believe in their heartless heart of heartless hearts.

The reptile meme is a good one to describe the Jew.  A reptile is not a mammal that cares, a reptile is a heartless predator.  A reptile has a reptilian brain, it does exactly what the program tells it to do.  Likewise a Jew is following the program codes of Yahweh, his evil god that makes him seem like a heartless reptile.  And be sure to remember, evil people like Yahweh because he gives them permission to be evil.

Memes vs. Genes

The Jews are running a Torah program on their brain hard drives.  They have no heart like Dick Cheney. When you follow the rules and not your heart you are now in the never-never land of the script rules, the rules of the scriptures regardless if they are right or wrong.  How many times have you heard a cop tell you that he doesn’t want to bust you but the law is the law?  He doesn’t have to enforce the law or be a cop, but he does because he is following the rules of the authorities, he is under the spell of Torah Law.

The Jewish disease is that they are all intellect and no heart combined with the mental virus of supremacy and chosenness.  The combination is a deadly mix of memes that creates the Jewish psychopath.  All Jews and Christians are potentially psychopaths, because they both of these groups have the same schizophrenic programming.   Following the Bible is to risk one’s sanity and gets one to do things one wouldn’t normally do, like going on a Crusade.  Charlie Giuliani has detailed this on hundreds of his Truth Hertz radio broadcasts.

These Jews been promised the world by their God.  They wrote the book so that means they promised themselves the world.  They have been commanded to exploit every living thing – and are doing just that.  They have also been commanded to smite their enemies.  This ideology of the Jewish religion is the source of the alien behavior, it is not the genes but the memes.  The Bible document is the source of the alien behavior, it is the program code on how to be evil and get away with it by using stealthy camouflage of passive behavior while acting aggressively by controlling the state and it’s monopoly on the use of force.

The Jews seem alien, they seem like they are not human, but they are human but are thinking differently.  Anyone can be a Jew, all you have to do is convert and by doing so you upload the Jewish program, one of exploitation and supremacy.  In fact, many Gentiles lost their gentle nature by converting to Christian Zionists.  Even though Christians are commanded to forgive they can be converted into vengeful warmongers like Sarah Palin.

It is very clear that it is the memes not the genes.  Judaism is a program, one that was adopted by millions of Khazars, and 98% of the Israeli population is White, not Semitic.  The memes are in their brains, they are acting out their programming, they can’t stop because the program possesses their consciousness.


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