The Deadly Judaic Mind Virus


Humanity is facing extinction from religious mind viruses.  Death by the memes.  Religion established authority with the god meme and now this idea, adopted by the state, has gone wild with governments claiming the right to do or kill anything.  Now they are passing inter-office memos claiming they can kill you with a drone.  Death by memo memes.  Humans must evolve from archaic superstitions of an omnipotent god – which morphed into omnipotent state – which claims a monopoly on the use of force as if it were a god,  It’s time to learn about memes and evolve out of mind control doctrines like authority or we face extinction.  Humans are free beings in a free Universe – no one has authority over you, never had, never will.


Are you free or are you a slave of state or god?  That is the question humanity eternally faces.  We are free but those that want control have invented every method to enslave us, the best so far is with myth, where we become voluntary slaves by being indoctrinated into a mind control doctrine like religion or Communism.  Humans are easily controlled with memes and memeplexes – sets of interrelated memes.  For instance, this is a set of memes commonly used as mind control in America:  God is in heaven, he loves you, he has a plan for you, if you obey God then you will be in the glory of God.

Most Americans are Christian and they believe in a Jewish God, they also believe that God has a plan or is in control.  They are essentially God robots, doing whatever God instructs – which is what the Jew instructs.  Most Americans are slaves of the Jews because they have been programmed into Christianity and they believe.  There is no “god” controlling you, you are being controlled by myth, and the Jews are interpreting the myth to their benefit that will eventually result in your death as an individual and the death of your white culture.  You think God loves you but your real controllers are acting in anything but love.

It’s time you learn about memes and how they work before the Jew works you over again.  You need a greater awareness to overcome the mind control god paradigm of the Jew.  If you believe in the Jew God Jehovah or the Jew God Jesus you are under a spell, a Jewish God spell (gospel).  It’s time to evolve and start thinking for yourself outside of the religion mind control box.

What are Memes?

GOOGLE  defines the term ‘meme’ as an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.
WIKIPEDIA  A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.  A meme acts as a unit for carrying ideas, symbols, or practices that can be transmitted from one mind to another through writing, speech, gestures, rituals, or other imitable phenomena with a mimicked theme. Supporters of the concept regard memes as cultural analogues to genes in that they self-replicate, mutate, and respond to selective pressure

A meme is any idea that can replicate.  If people like that meme they will repeat it and it may gain wide acceptance.  We are controlled by ideas and linguistics, wars are called police actions, police who kill us like a foreign military occupiers are called peace keepers.  Jews who control the media are always bending words and twisting concepts so that we accept Jewish despotism as normal.

As the Jews ratchet up the war against you, that there will be a point you will finally accept the inevitable conclusion that Jews are the problem, have always been the problem, and that the only solution to the never ending Jew problem is their extermination and the total eradication of their books until there is not even a memory of these parasites.

Replicating Memes

Memes as Replicators

“An essential characteristic of genes, the units of biological information, is that they replicate: they produce copies of themselves, and thereby spread and increase in numbers. Sometimes mutations or copying errors are introduced, producing different variants. Only the best or “fittest” will manage to spread widely. This is the process of natural selection, which weeds out inadequate genes. Variation and selection together produce evolution, the perpetual creation of new, better adapted genes.

Richard Dawkins (1976) suggested that a similar mechanism applies to cultural information. Ideas, habits and traditions are communicated from individual to individual. This can be interpreted as a replication: a copy (possibly with errors) of the information is made in the memory of a second individual. Dawkins called the units of this cultural replication process “memes”. Practically all cultural entities are memes: images, books, poems, theories, religions, language, melodies, rumours, etc. It suffices that the underlying informational or behavioral pattern is copied, e.g. when people imitate other people’s habits or styles, when they learn other’s ideas, or reproduce works of art. Like genes, cultural variants can be more or less successful in spreading through the population. They therefore undergo natural selection, and thus evolution.”

Religion as a Replicating Mind Virus

Richard Dawkin’s essay “Viruses of the Mind” (1991) compares mind viruses using memetics and analogies with biological and computer viruses,

Dawkins argues that religious belief in the “faith-sufferer” typically shows the following elements:

  • It is impelled by some deep, inner conviction that something is true, or right, or virtuous: a conviction that doesn’t seem to owe anything to evidence or reason, but which, nevertheless, the believer feels as totally compelling and convincing.
  • The believer typically makes a positive virtue of faith’s being strong and unshakable, in spite of not being based upon evidence.
  • There is a conviction that “mystery,” per se, is a good thing; the belief that it is not a virtue to solve mysteries but to enjoy them and revel in their insolubility.
  • There may be intolerant behaviour towards perceived rival faiths, in extreme cases even killing opponents or advocating their deaths. Believers may be similarly violent in disposition towards apostates or heretics (even when “heretics” espouse only a very slightly different version of the faith, as with the proliferation of Christian sects).
  • The particular convictions that the believer holds, while having nothing to do with evidence, are likely to resemble those of the believer’s parents.
  • If the believer is one of the rare exceptions who follows a different religion from his parents, the explanation may be cultural transmission from a charismatic individual.
  • The internal sensations of the patient may be startlingly reminiscent of those more ordinarily associated with sexual love.

Human Host – Meme Vectors

Memes, like biological viruses, propagate or vector through society from person to person contact.  This is why Jehovah has witnesses, Jehovah is a meme being passed from believer to non-believer.  There is no deity in this process, the meme is replicating through human hosts.  If the believer can convince the new potential of Jehovah and the new person accepts it, that person becomes a new host for the virus.


God is vectored by human hosts infected with the virus.  It is very important you grasp this process that god is being learned by human contact or by reading a book, because that is a clue to what god is – a meme.  If there exist omnipotent god(s) then they wouldn’t need you to reveal themselves to other humans.  Think about that for a moment, a real god doesn’t need you to witness, a real god doesn’t need your help.

The Bible instruction manual tells the believers to witness, because it is a book of memes with strong survival value, the Bible is widespread and popular because so many people are passing it on to the next.  That doesn’t make it true or accurate, just survivable.  Jehovah is also found in a book, the Jehovah virus is located in the book as textual code. Therefore Jehovah only exists in books or the human mind or on cultural meme vectors like billboards or graffiti.  Think about this for a moment, why would an all powerful god contact you via a book?  Think, if God wants to talk to you he can do it directly and not through the parasite Jew liars and their books.

Jehovah is not real but the believers believe he is real, not from evidence but because Jehovah is a mind virus living in their brain.  Once the Jehovah virus is uploaded to the brain hard drive it becomes real to the mind.  This is the living god religious people talk about, it is living in their mind and the human is the host.  The living God is a very real parasite living in the human host.


The Bible memes have more stickiness if there is authority behind the meme, thus claiming God wrote the text is the claim that the ultimate authority wrote the text, by making such a claim the believers are able to pass the meme onto the targeted victim more easily.  It is a natural tendency of humans to claim authority and achieve dominance, even school children play this as a game of one upmanship of who’s right or better, your dad is a salesman but my dad is the president.

Religions are mind contagions, they spread and can kill an entire population.  Memetic warfare is competition and dominance of the psychic space within the culture.  Your brain can only hold so much information, that information fights for survival.  Dominant religions form when a religious memeplex takes hold in a population then drives out rival memeplexes.  These wars are called holy wars, a holy war is a war for memetic dominance and those ideas that control your soul.

The one true god is a powerful meme with high survival value.  Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have all used brutal warfare to impose their version of the one true God.  Monotheism is the original source of religious intolerance.  Currently Jews dominate America, because American Christians foolishly allowed Jews to take control or all areas of political power, now the Jews are planning extermination of their Christian hosts, an American Holocaust.

Religious Wars are Really Memetic Wars

World War 3 is a Jewish contrived war of Christians against Islam.  With 9112001 orchestrated by Israel, the Jewish supremacists successfully manipulated America in wars against Jewish enemies in the Middle East. The obvious Jewish intention is for Christians and Muslims to kill each off, leaving the Jews victorious.  Stupid people fall for this OBVIOUS RUSE.  Christians, Muslims, Atheists and Pagans should all unite and kill every god damn Jew!

Millions have died, entire nations bombed into ruins, you accept endless warfare, death, and destruction as normal because the Jews have normalized their treachery as the War on Terror, which is really a Jewish War of Terror.  When that war comes home and you see it up close and personal you are going to accept my meme that all Jews must be immediately killed, you will then pass that idea on.

So powerful are these Jesus memes, that most Christians are unaware that they are being used like toilet paper for Jewish dominance.  Most Christians will passionately deny that 911 was an inside job, and they will vigorously deny that Israel did 911, and will attempt suppression of that information.  Jesus is God and the Jews are God’s holy chosen ones regardless of the facts.  I call that level of control a black magic spell on the mass mind.

The surviving memeplex is not necessarily right, moral, factually correct, it is just more virulent.  Thus the winner is often the memeplex that causes fervor within the adherents, if the infected hosts are completely convinced beyond any doubt then that memplex becomes more likely to dominate.  The most intolerant of religions are the winners.  Intolerance is favored in memetic replication.  Judaism, CHristianity, and Islam are the historical winners because they are intolerant, those that don’t believe were put to the sword leaving those with the belief alive, this is a form of natural selection.

Religions propagate through time, just like lifeforms, they form a tree as they separate and branch in time.  Thus memes are analogous to genes and it has been discovered that they follow the same rules, the reason is that both genes and memes are units of information, and natural selection is a process of how information adapts over time.

click on graphic to view large image:


Finally, memes have a fast propagation compared to genes and have a high rate of mutation, new ideas can be invented and spread rapidly in any group, and now with modern technology a new meme can be vectored across the planet in minutes and hours.  Twitter is the new fast way memes are shared.

How the Jews Control Gentiles

Jews claim authorship of the Bible text and they claim divine status by be chosen by the God in the text.  Thus Jews have psychically trumped those that read and believe the text but are not chosen.  Those that control us must be outside the “cloud” of religious memes, they must be in a state of greater awareness than the general population that is being controlled.

horse with blinders-resized-600

Those in control are like the rancher who has horses in the pen.  The horse can not escape the corral because the horse has less awareness than the rancher.  Likewise the Christian voter can not escape the false left-right political choices offered by the Jewish controlled media because the Christian lacks the awareness to see that the Jew controls both sides, that the choice between Jew whores is no choice at all.

christians controlled by jews

This memetic dominance is what causes new religions to propagate, each new religion claims a better interpretation or some even claim to be the true Jew.  Amongst many rival Protestant denominations is the competition to be the chosen ones, this is achieved by interpreting the text in favor of the group, fantastic arguments are constructed proving that the group is special, chosen, holy, or has an original leader that was connected to god.

Christians believed they are saved while rivals are not, exclusionism is a primary trait of a strong memetic virus.  Often belief is transmitted with the same fear driven motivation of a chain letter, if you believe you get to go to heaven, if you don’t believe you will be shunned or go to hell.  Often rival Christian groups claim only their variant goes to heaven, or the Mormon claim that they go to the highest heaven and all other Christians serve them, for eternity, lol.

The Jews trump all of these new organizations and remain dominant by claiming authorship of the original “holy” text.  They lied, they plagiarized, they stole pagan ideas and pasted them onto their god Jehovah, who was stolen also.  But facts don’t matter, do they?  Because you believe.

Why Religion Opposes Science

Anyone who is outside the paradigm of religious belief can see the obvious mind control of religious doctrine.  We live in an age where it is legal to be a non-believer or of another faith.  You can actually be an atheist and not killed or taken to court by a Jerry Falwell type.  This does not sit well with the preachers who want control and dominance, thus free thinkers are the enemy of the Baptist.


Free thinking is of the devil according to the Baptist preacher, this view is shared by corrupt politicians who detest anyone exposing their crimes, thus a totalitarian state has shared mutual advantages to control freaks in church and state.  The priest doesn’t want you thinking, the king wants your blind obedience, that is why humans will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.  Do you finally understand what the philosopher Dennis Diderot was trying to convey to your mind?


Anyone who can reason or use the internet can easily escape the confines of the Jew corral.  The internet is the greatest liberator, former cult members can compare notes, start websites, convince those still programmed to come out of the religious cults.   With a few clicks on the internet I can be reading or watching the origin of the Christian myth.  Theists no longer have a monopoly on truth.


Combating Mind Viruses

How can you be fighting for freedom when you are completely convinced of Jesus?  If you can’t escape religious indoctrination then how are you going to defeat the Jew? You will never be free until you self realize that you are a free being in a free universe and all preachers should be immediately killed.  Think those words are extreme?  You are not paying attention to the carnage those beliefs are causing.  Belief has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions.  How many native Americans were wiped out because of a different belief system?

Jesus is a program running on your brain hard drive, so long as you believe in Jesus you will be castrated and stay a minion of the Jew.  Jesus is a Jew meme being used to enslave you.  No Jew is god, no Jew is chosen, no one is chosen, there is no hell and no devil, there is no eternal punishment, there is no need to be saved, and you certainly can’t be saved by a Jewish savior!  That is all myth, salvation ideas are unproved yet virulent even today.  No external god is going to save you when you live in a culture possessed by destructive mind viruses.

Freedom minded people are up against the the very real threat of religion.  Religion is the true hell because the mind becomes lost and trapped for an entire lifetime.  Religion is the matrix, the cube, the trap, the place where you become lost forever.  Religious people universally endorse the legal system, which is part of political control system because of their beliefs.  What Christian is against the law?  They are for the law, police officers believe they are working for God.  Your freedom is threatened by those that believe.

Those that control us, Neocons are atheistic Jews, they may be practicing or ritualistic Jews, but they don’t believe like you do.  They are outside the box of mind control, they are the ones maintaining the prison that your mind operates in.  They think differently, they think as wolves.  They have absolutely no problem killing you but you have a problem even thinking of killing them.  That is why you are a sheep in a corral awaiting slaughter.  The vast majority endorse authority, even during Vietnam War the silent majority kept voting for the war president.

Archeology can undo religious memes, new evidence can date ancient script to non-Jewish source.  This unravels the claim that Jews wrote the text and thus are special.  Many New Agers are tapping source through meditation, thus they can communicate with “god” so the dominance established by claiming only our guy talked to god is undone.  Neale Donald Walsch wrote a trilogy called “Conversations with God”, he is thought to be the new Moses.  Anyone can talk to “god” according to Eckhart Tolle, all you have to do is meditate.

Those that are meditating and reading the Akashkic Record or the base consciousness programming in the Holographic Universe can transcribe new information and that can be checked against Bible ideas.  They are universally coming up with a new paradigm, you are free to create because you are the creator.  They are gentle and polite and don’t say the obvious that everything you’ve been taught is a big stinking Jew lie.

Freedom From Church and State

There is common propaganda practice to offer two false choices.  Would you like to vote for Democratic Jew whore or the Republican Jew whore?  Being offered two false choices is no choice at all, but it is commonly practiced by those in power who wish to control you, by controlling your choices.  The choice between two evils is evil itself, choosing to vote for a Jew or his whore is not a choice but advocating insanity.  If you vote you are putting your stamp of approval on a corrupt unjust system.

Albert Jay Nock wrote a famous book called Our Enemy the State, this was well received because many Americans and other liberty minded persons are aware of the tyranny.  But our other enemy is the church, or religion which establishes authority.  So the real choice is between freedom and liberty vs. authority and state.  Voting is a choice between the type of control, it is not a real choice at all.


The battle is not between church and state like you have been lead to believe.  Drawing a legal line between the two doesn’t make tyranny go away because authority still remains.  Our enemy is authority whether from church or state.  Thus the real issue is freedom vs. authority (church and state).  We don’t need no stinkin’ badges, that is a meme you should repeat!



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