White Salvation




Humanity is in an epic shift of consciousness, in a state of transition to a greater awareness about world Jewry, and the real purpose of their holy books.  We are near the end of a huge crisis that is about to get much worse, during this epochal change of consciousness we are becoming aware of the very bad Jewish myth that keeps us in psychic bondage to the Rothschild money power structure.

What is happening is that human consciousness is shifting out of myth and toward rationalism as the last vestiges of superstition are purged from the collective mind, those that promote myth do so because they profit by myth, and now they are being exposed as our destroyers.  For instance, many Christians are aligned with Zionist Jews and are destroying the Middle East and American freedom.

As the Apocalyptic destruction mounts, people are returning to their roots and seeking their original identities.  White nationalism is returning, pride in being a White is becoming normalized, and the Jewish propaganda destroying the races is being exposed.  The entire religious-military-political power structure is aligned against the will of the people, it is even against the human genome, especially the White genome which is particularly powerful.

The worst people in our society are seen daily on the Jewtube, evil White men like John Hagee and Pat Robertson, men using the Bible to do the dirty work of the Jew, men who preach salvation yet are the very leaders helping the Jew destroy the White man.  Amerika has gone down in flames, the latest scandal concerning torture is proof, Amerika now wallows in the excrements of Jew hell.

How was any of this even possible?  How is it possible that the land of the free has been so totally subverted to let this evil little Israel bitch to completely control the foreign policy of United States?  How is it that White people go along with the murder of woman and children in Gaza? The crisis is much deeper than just corrupt politicians and evil Jews, the crisis is embedded in the dominant myth of America – Christianity itself.

Christianity is the cause of the decline, the very religion people are clinging to in the ‘end times’ is causing the end times.  The situation is remarkably bizarre, a feedback loop exists between the belief system that most hold near to their hearts is causing the epic decline of the nation and even of the specie itself – thus we can only conclude that Christianity is causal to the decline of the White Race.


What a Christian believer can not see is that they have been completely subverted to Jewish thinking by believing in the Bible.  Many Christians are even becoming ‘Jew wise’ but that isn’t far enough, they need to expand their awareness and see that belief in any of the memes of the Bible further the causes of the Jew.  No true Christian can criticize Israel, in fact Christians are taught to bless Israel and venerate God’s chosen race.

Loving Israel is cultural suicide.  Israel is not our nation, its policies are criminally insane, loving a nation that murders children and commits genocide on the indigenous is not love at all, it is pure hate masquerading as love and thus Zionist Christians are wallowing in Jew hate thinking that they are loving god.

Jews are waging war on all peoples, Jews are the ultimate racists and part of the wake up call is to see the Bible for what it really is, a book of tribal supremacism and racial hatred for the non-Jew.  This is why the preachers are the mortal enemy of the White race, the teachings of Christianity subvert the Gentiles to multiculturalism and acceptance to interbreeding.  Jews seek racial purity while promoting the mixing of races via the salvation memes, Christian Sunday services are multicultural celebrations.

The Jew wants and endless stream of cheap labor, immigrants have stream in since day one, currently Amerika is being invaded by those seeking free welfare.  Tens of millions of freeloaders and subversives have poured in and completely changed the southern tier states since the 1950’s.  As the immigration crisis worsens, concerned citizens are becoming alarmed by the bankruptcy policies of the Welfare State.  As they wake up and smell the nachos, they will learn that it was all intentional, that Jews are purposefully subverting the nation as part of a race war.

Jews are race blending America like a Mocha Frappaccino at Starbucks.  What they want is a dumb downed, non assertive, mud colored slave who has no idea who rules them or what to do about it.  Whites have the intellects to take on the Jew, the inventiveness and will to end Jewry, and the Jews are doing everything to destroy us.  White Europeans and the Japanese are the primary threats to world Jewry.

As we live through this awareness shift, people will be forced to wake up and adjust their thinking and behavior.  We are becoming aware of the Jew and his treachery.  We are becoming aware of what the Bible really is, the most subversive book ever written, a book which destroys the very soul of the White European.  The Bible is a Jewish book, it is about Jews, it is for Jews and it is opposed to those people the Jew conquers, the Gospel was first used by Rome then by the Church, then by the current Jewish owned corporate empire.

Don’t you miss yourself?  Don’t you miss being a strong White man, a thinker, and inventor, a soulful person with great pride in who you are?  The Bible was never meant to be for us, it is not for us, it is against our very beings. The New Testament was written specifically to convert Messianic Jews to Roman slaves, you are not a Jew, you were never the target audience of Roman elite rule.

For Whites to survive they must overcome the Holy Bible or they are doomed to extinction.  Luckily the New Age writers have exposed the Bible as plagiarized material, comparative mythologists have shown us the true origins of the Christ myth, a plethora of books have exposed the myth, detailing the previous sun god memes that were used to form the Jewish messiah figure.

It was Jews who wrote the Bible, it is not authentic spiritual text but political propaganda used to tame the human spirit and make slaves of all the races to the power structure of Rome.  This power structure has  morphed over the centuries into the Holy Roman Empire and now Jewish owned multinational corporations all aligned with Zion.  America is now Amerika, the multicultural paradise, a despotic Jewish controlled police state.

In order for Whites to be saved they must unalign themselves with the Jew and to do that they must ditch their Bibles and stop believing in a Jewish messiah, they must overcome the myths of the Bible and realize that they are free, free of the the treachery of Jewish literature, free of the Jewish fictional gods, free of original guilt and especially proud to be White.



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