Wiring Diagram of the Jewish Brain


jewish brain wiring diagram

Those of us in the Homo Sapien specie wonder what the hell is wrong with the God damn Jews.  Many writers speculate they are so alien to us they are not human, some suggest they are off planet Reptialians, others say they are remnants of Neanderthals.  Whatever they are they are predators and we need to isolate them from the White population.


Who knows, with Jews controlling everything, including the money funding science, we will not know for sure anytime soon.  The Jew is really good at screwing up research and bending it to his will, more aggressive than us, most gentle scientists have yet to realize how the Jew works over their field.  The Neanderthal had twice the aggressive genes than our line.  This might be the unfortunate reason why they were able to take over, scare the hell out of us with their control of the myth.

So just what the hell is a Jew?  I don’t really care because I just want them gone but for the purposes of this essay let us examine the Jewish brain and how it works differently than us.  When you click on the Jewtube, what do you see?  Jews. And what are these Jews doing?  Lying.  Talking about their butts.  It seems like the Neanderthal DNA laced Jew are always talking about ass, perhaps because they know subconsciously deep down inside that they are assholes.

They have a strategery, entertain us by making fun of everything even while they manage everything.  As things get worse and worse, the Jew makes light of everything they are wrecking, sorta like the Three Stooges explaining the economee.  No Jew should criticize the economy because Jews control the entire economy through the Federal Reserve.  Commentators like Paul Krugman never let on his tribe is responsible for the permanent depression.

Princeton University Economics Professor Paul Krugman Interview

The biggest mistake of the White peoples was swallowing the lies of the Holy Bible hook, line, and sinker.  The Gentile fish were caught and fileted by the Jew.  Beleeeeeeve little fishes, God choose us Jews and your job is to believe Our chosen status, we know what is best for you, we are divine while you are guilty of being born.

Whites obviously have a self esteem problem because they fell in a guilt death spiral, until Hitler came along and lifted up the German and elevated the German above the Jew.  What Whites and other non-Jews races must do is become 100% aware of this aberrant specie we call Jew.  They are not us, they are an aggressive predator race

Jewish Neanderthal Bible

.The job market sucks because the Jew sucks, home prices are at inflated high values because of their manipulation of the fiat money and control of the building market.  If you can not afford a home it is because of the Jew.

The solution to the all of our problems starts by recognising the Jew as causal to all problems then removing the Jew from political power.  The Neanderthals do not want peace with us, they want war and thus we are stuck in permanent war with the Jew so we must come to our senses, shed the Jewish written myths that control us and deal with the problem.

Three Stooges Explain the Economy at Fox News 1



18 thoughts on “Wiring Diagram of the Jewish Brain

  1. Anonymous

    I’d like to kill the ignorant anti-Semitic fuck who runs this repugnant website. They’re probably too much of a pussy to meet up face to face…hiding behind the anonymity of cyberspace. Rot in hell you lousy cunt.

  2. Anonymous

    To the little bitch who runs this website. I can’t seem to locate any contact information for you. Please identify yourself and how I can get in touch with you.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey little bitch. I’m still waiting for you to grow a pair of balls and let everyone know who you are and how to contact you. If you are the person I think you are, we all fucked your mother back in the day…had to put a bag over her face.

  4. It’s funny how hateful commenters who hide behind Internet anonymity themselves accuse the author of this very interesting website of cowardice because he’s hiding behind internet anonymity… He definitely seems to have a good reason to do so, considering the kind of comments he’s receiving by people who are probably Neanderthalians themselves who prefer to spew hate rather than using their atrophied brains.

    And now to you, anonymous (like everybody else here apparently) but corageous and insightful author of this website: keep up the good work! You definitely have a point when you point (excuse the pun) to the Bible as a Jewish weapon of mental enslavement for gullible Christian Gentiles. I was one myself, and I just recently realized my mistake thanks first to Ben Klassen’s work, and now thanks also to you.

  5. Cuck Finn

    Yeah, the Jews fucked everyone over, the Native North Americans, Native South Americans, African Americans… Oh, nope, that was the British and Spanish, lol.

    • Den vil jeg gerne vinde Min gamle Nokia er netop afgÃ¥et ved døden, og har nu lÃotene-Âel¥fƒn jeg slet ikke kan finde ud af – en ny er meget tiltrængt

    • The Three Rs of Transformation: The Gospel… recognizes that true renewal is always a gift of God, but it is one that involves his empowering Spirit and our faithful response. In the end, sustained transformation, both personal and corporate, involves our renewal through both reformation and revival.

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  6. John

    The comments above whining about Yukon Jack’s anonymity – are just Jews who are frustrated they don’t know who he is so they can intimidate, harass, attack and kill him.

    The Jews run everything and the ADL and SPLC will destroy people’s lives. We live under a repressive regime who kills and destroys anyone who mentions Jews – yet this people whine about Yukon Jacks’ anonimity.

    Somehow, the Jew can attack and kill you with impunity, but if you even whisper a word of protest, they will accuse you of being the most evil person in existence.

    Yukon Jack is a genius of our time, he has seen through the lies and his writings will be considered prophetic.

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