Skin Color the Least Concern



The White Nationalists in the patriot movement are overly concerned about skin color.  It is time for a scientific review of skin pigmentation and ethnicity, and I will show in the this essay that race is a divide and conquer issue, a distraction to our real problems and a detriment to the movement.

skin color distribution world map solar insolation

Race is a divisive issue, a wedge in humanity being used by Jews to destroy unification against Jewish control.  Only a fool falls for this divide and conquer political technique.  Skin color is not the problem, social conditioning concerning acceptance of liberty and freedom vs. socialization of the culture by church and state, which seeks artificial authority over the individual in order to gain political power.


Pigmentation is only skin deep, we all have the same epidermal chemistry, the color you see in another human is only the result of adaptive genetics.  There are plenty of black libertarians and many white socialists.  Political affiliation knows no skin color.

diagram dermis pigmentation only skin deep

When humans migrated out of Africa and settled northern climes, skin color changed very fast, in only 20 to 40 generations.  Light skin for Vitamin D production is favored in Scandinavia and dark skin favored in Central America for ultraviolet protection.  Skin has long and short term adaptations.  Humans are also evolving memetically from tribal to cultural.

migration_of_anatomically_modern_humans_years ago in 1k thousands

The objection of Whites toward Black behavior is a cultural issue, not a race issue.  A Black raised in a White family will adopt the cultural traits of the parents.

What do you know about the chemistry of the skin and the thousands of chemicals being produced and circulated in your body?  Without science, you knew nothing, and so when you met a man of different color, prejudice dominated your conscious brain.  Survival instinct kicked in when you met a man of different color, your theists invented theories of their origins.


Skin color differentiation for reason of politics and religion is primitive thinking.  All humans are of one race, all can breed with one another, so we are not different species, and often the interbreeding is of great benefit genetically and also of beauty.  Some of the most beautiful women on the planet are mixed ‘race’.   Is the highest rated female on the planet, Tera Patrick, a deal breaker for you?


I’m not promoting mixed breeding, I haven’t done it, but to me it is not an issue.  It is a sideshow for little minds who can’t deal with the very real problem of Jewish supremacism.  Do you want to win or do you want to piss and moan about side issues of no consequence.  Are you going to grow up and face the reality of the current crisis of Jewish imposed destruction on the White man?


Inbreeding is a real problem for many peoples, especially Jews and Amish, who are a German fundamentalist Jew Bible cult.  Jews are fools for not breeding outside of their group and many of us think it may be due to the remnant Neanderthal genes they are trying to preserve.  Ethnocentrism can be a bad thing, especially when you are dealing with a small gene pool.

torah makes ugly people

So what are we going to do, play into the Jew racist hand or step into greater consciousness, love all, and defend ourselves based on memes and genes.  All of us have the right to exist.  All of us have a right to freedom and liberty.  We can not turn back the hands of time and what has happened to us and our culture.  We’ve been dealt a hand, we have to accept the mixed culture and deal with it as best as we can.

ugly jews borg hive mind goddamn bible cult

Do you want to win or do you want to piss up a rope and on yourself?  Do you really want freedom from government control?  Then we must drop the race issue and unite against the Jew.  The Jew is problem, not the guy with the different skin pigmentation.  The Jew controls the state because the Jew is the state.

First you are convinced that the imaginary sky god is real, then you are convinced the necessity of external authority, because with the state how could we exist?  Why, we would be in a state of total anarchy.  Jew invents god and convinces you that you can not live without the Jewish imposed tyranny.


White people are just as susceptible to the Bible spell as Blacks, to claim that you are superior to another but caught in the same trance is a joke to me, because if you are superior then you will have the unique ability to overcome the spell of the Jew, his holy book.  A superior person has a superior mind, one that isn’t spellbound by a book.  If you can’t overcome racism, doesn’t that put you in the same camp as the Jew?

For anyone to consider the Bible to be God’s word either hasn’t read it or has a lack of reading comprehension.  The Bible is pure evil, full of racism, hate, genocide and fantastic claims of prophets and savior gods.  Obviously no supreme deity wrote that book, it was written by racists and thus appeals to racists, especially White racists.   So not only do we need to stop with the Bible but also with the racism the Bible supports.

racism in bible on billboard

Race is not a problem for me in the freedom movement, I will stand alongside any man who aims the gun toward the Jew enemy.  Freedom starts with men who free their minds and along that path of freedom honest people are going to find the Jew road blocks set up to confuse and subjugate.  One of those obstructions to victory is racism and I say we reject it wholeheartedly and embrace unity.

Bible Written by Sexist racist jews



5 thoughts on “Skin Color the Least Concern

  1. Anonymous

    Your justification for race mixing is Tera Patrick, a fucking porn star? You are wrong on this one. Interbreeding or miscegenation is NOT of great benefit genetically and of beauty. Both races lose their racial identity. The resulting child is at a loss of racial identity, has health issues, psychological disorders and other anomalies. Miscegenation is promoted 24/7, and racial suicide is normalized as “progressive” but it’s a nation with no identity. Instead of different races fighting with each other the “Tale of Two Cities” takes place inside one single human being. Interbreeding is “poisoning the pot” and ensuring that a nation remains damaged and without a solid racial identity creating a slave race. It’s the Jewish plan to have your race mixed out of existence and your compliance in pretending that race does not exist, as the Jew retains it’s racial solidarity. Race mixing is promoted to destroy standards, break down society, and end the unique diversity of different races and cultures. Race-mixed children are more likely to support Marxist agendas like homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism and “suffering of the minority”. Racial suicide is the MOST selfish act, the genocide of the two races. – Geo-centricism of the greatest magnitude. It is #WHITEGENOCIDE

  2. John

    I agree with both of you guys. Race mixing and white genocide is pretty bad. Race is not only skin pigmentation, it is cultural – and different races undermine the European culture of the USA. Bad stuff.

    However, I also agree with Yukon Jacks’ point. You have to defeat the Jew, so for this all races must unite against the Jew.

    The blindspot of the Alt-Right is – they think there will be a Race War.

    There won’t be any Race War, you idiots. When people will start fighting against the Jew, whites will fight other whites.

    Whites who are Jew woke… will fight brainwashed Christians and liberal whites with an Oskar Schindler complex, who will try to save the Jews from a new Hitler.

    Whites will have to fight whites…. and for this we have to unite against the number 1 enemy, the Jew, otherwise we are all fucked.

    We need to focus our attention on the number one problem, the Jew, otherwise we will not win the war.

    Jew woke Muslims and Blacks and Mexicans can be great allies in this war. The great thing is, Blacks, Mexicans and Muslims don’t give a flying fuck about the Holocaust.

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t see the connection to Jewish people in here, I’m pretty sure the world is run by Christians (Catholics especially), could be wrong I guess.

    • Anonymous

      What if Jews are being controlled by pagans or whoever came before them? When does it end?!!?!? Does it go all the way back to Adam and Eve?

  4. Pretty funny indeed the model of beauty you’ve chosen: Tera Patrick.
    For a man who spends most of this time outing the Jews and their scheming to destroy the human race, do you know this porn star’s complete name is Linda Ann Hopkins Shapiro who had married the Jew Evan Seinfeld?

    I’m taking the opportunity here to add a few comments about 2 leadind heads of state you seem to praise a lot: Hitler and Putin.
    Do you know Hitler and ALL his henchmen were Jewish?
    Do you know Putin is also Jewish whose father was a Talmudic scholar?
    You don’t seem to know that a vise can only work with two jaws, do you? That’s what we call typical Hegelian dialiectics with thesis/antithesis/synthesis…

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