The Most Deadly Meme of All Time



What do you think is the most deadly meme of all time?  Some think it might be ‘God chose me’.  But I have one that is far worse because it far more subtle – sorta like eating sweets over using cocaine, the later obviously makes you high and is addictive, but sugar is just as addictive but less innocuous.  Subtle can kill you more dead than obvious.  What could be so harmful about that little donut?


Memes can be deadly, not so much what they mean, but what they imply.  If you’re saved by belief, what does that mean for the person who doesn’t share that belief?  If God chose me then what does that imply about you?  If I am going to heaven for believing a certain meme then you are going to hell for not.

Deadly memes can be subtle, in fact I am going to argue the most deadly meme is completely invisible to its’ deadliness.  Like a bowl of sugar cereal, what could be wrong with something that tastes so good?

Before we begin, check out this excellent essay by INCOGMAN:

The Most Monstrous MEME in All History

“With the transfer of the Talmudic control system to the Kingdom of the Khazar, what we see is the movement of an idea or concept — a meme — from one racial group to another.”

Obviously, the Talmud is a collection of deadly memes.  Transfer of Talmudic concepts to other tribes is very deadly and we see that today as vicious Khazar Jews return to Palestine.  Once infected with I’m god’s chosen person and that’s my land god gave me, we have the nightmare of Israel.  Those memes are obviously deadly.  People infected with religious memes can kill without guilt or compassion based on myth alone.

Likewise the most deadly meme of all time is far more addictive than Talmudic control memes or the “god chose me” meme, the most deadly meme of all time is considered to be the greatest gift of all time, the greatest thing of all time.  Not one person, save me, would say that this idea is the most deadly idea ever invented.  Prepare to be shocked to your very brainwashed core.


What is this idea, what is the one thing that is so deadly that we may not make it as a specie?  Most of you will be aghast when I tell you, most of you will wave your hand in the air, and say, ‘Yukon has lost it this time’. Believe me, I haven’t lost it, I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and finally, after years of thinking about it, after spending countless days and nights pondering this topic I am going to reveal for the first time the most deadly meme of all time.

This is my time, my vengeance on this god forsaken planet of religious freaks, I am at war with them and I will prevail and they will gnash their teeth in despair before I am done with these GOD DAMN CHRISTIANS!  So smug in their Bible programming, I have come to this damn hell hole to end their precious little verse that they make hell with.  I am crushing their little egos with my essays  because I am shining a bright light on their silly ideas, which can only scurry away in the bright flash of my reasoning.


This precious little Bible verse I am about to reveal is the real underlying cause for the 55 million dead from the war policies of the United States Government, this verse allows the believer to feel completely safe while Uncle Sam bombs the hell out of so many places.  This verse allows the soldier to believe in his security with the god contract while committing the most unspeakable deeds like murder and rape of many indigenous people.

Are you ready?  Hold on to your fibrillator.  It is the salvation gift meme itself, that nothing you do or did or can do gets you to heaven, it by God’s grace alone.  I’m going to heaven because God saved me with a blood sacrifice on the cross, nothing I do matters except believe.  The idea that God killed himself to save you is mightily appealing to human ego. Once you latch onto this idea with your mind (ego) you probably won’t let it go.

To any thinking person, such a barbarity ought to be out right laughable, God did what for who?  What in the Sam Hell are you talkin’ about?  God killed to fix a problem with how God thinks, why didn’t God just change his mind and quit judging us?  Dear reader, the story doesn’t make any logical sense because it is pure bullshit!

You have to wrap your mind around what is really going on with religion.  No god killed himself on a cross for you, because such an idea is a mythological construct, not real.  As I say over and over, no god has to do this because there is no god judging you.  Without judgment, no Jesus sacrifice is necessary.  Without judgment, the entire Holy Bible is an EPIC FAIL.


If you read my many essays bashing the Holy Bible, you will know the most evil verse of all time is John 3:16, combine John 3:16 with John 3:17 you have unleashed the Kraken on the world.  So directly related to those two most evil memes of all time is the most deadly meme of all time, the gift of eternal life that has nothing to do with your actions.

Let’s take a look at this gawd awful meme that once planted in a human head, is nearly impossible to ever remove from the brain circuit:

Ephesians 2:8   (New Living Translation)
God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.

Why is this meme so deadly?  Because, like sugar, it is so addicting, it gets into your brain and won’t let go.  How could sugar be bad, how could God’s grace be bad?  God’s grace is good, going to heaven is good, how could that verse be so bad?  Because it is sugar coated bullshit.

E28 is a free pass for believers, doesn’t cost a cent, and no matter what you do, even the most heinous crimes for Zionist Occupied Amerika, you get a free pass through the pearly gates.  With this verse, you can do anything you want, like butcher Iraq, and god fearing Americans get into heaven.


Do you see how a subtle idea can be the most deadly idea?  God loves me so much that I get into heaven by faith alone.  I believe therefore I am saved. Nothing else matters, no matter what I do, I still get a free pass if I believe.  If I am a soldier killing woman and children based on my allegiance to authority, I get into heaven no matter what my acts.

Part of this belief memes is also being faithful to Israel, God’s pet nation.  No matter what Israel does, no amount of bad data about the vicious little Israel will ever change my mind, I will believe in Israel no matter what happens, no matter if Israel does 911 or nukes America, I stand with Israel forever.  Faith trumps all reality when it comes to Israel.


When faith trumps evidence, trumps any and all data, when faith trumps reason look out!  Israel can butcher the entire Middle East and the faithful Christian will look away.  No matter how many innocent children are butchered by Israel the faithful Christian monster can look away without guilt.

The Bible is a problem, it is the cause of our demise.  You can not fix this book, Martin Luther tried and he failed?  Why?  He believed in the book.  He corrected the memes because he assumed the Bible was true, it just needed a correct interpretation.

Previous attempts to fix the Bible have been fails, the Protestants didn’t solve the problem, the Evangelical Protestants are the very ones aligned with Israel.  The Holy Bible can not be fixed because it is completely wrong with the memetic constructs of God vs. Man and how to get to heaven.  As many writers like Eckhart Tolle,inform us, heaven is a state of mind, not some place after death.



One thought on “The Most Deadly Meme of All Time

  1. Big time long term agenda by Luciferian adepts jewish duality types, it showbizz holly_wood reality Freemasonry controlled by Queen & Pope. No to say Reptilian snake race playing even the Chosen ones.

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