Did Dr. David Duke slay conspiracy king Goliath Alex Jones?  It looks like it.  The cat is out of the bag, Jones now fully exposed as a Jew shill, a sellout to Jewish money, power, and fame.  Jonestown’s Christian audience just got clued in to who really runs Amerika, not the ‘globalists’ or the ‘offshore bankers’, but the Jews.

david duke slaying alex jones

During the Alex Jones “interview” of Dr. David Duke, everyone overlooked the fatboys comment made the most revealing statement that Duke’s first name David was part of the Judeo-Christian culture.  That was the most truthful statement of Kosher Jonestein, and that is exactly the problem with Amerika.


The comment was made in the second half, during the Rob Jacobsen portion, first they bring up a new obscuring meme of  ‘interminglers’  @1:45:30 (hr:min:sec) mark:

Alex Jones speaking to David Duke says:

“Of course there is a Jewish element to this, … because, … because, … because

your name is David, David, that is a Jewish name,

that is part of our culture”

You can listen to that comment at the 1:45:52 mark.

David Duke Debates Alex Jones (8-18-15)

I would like to thank Alex Jones for bringing to attention that the Judeo-Christian culture is the American culture, because that is the most damning piece of information concerning the endless wars and 55 million people killed by Jew run America since the end of WW2.

Jews infiltrated America and took it over without a peep from the Christian majority.  They turn America against herself, Zionist Christians recruited to defend the Israel meme (and state) and the rest is history.  The freedom that America stood for subverted by the Jew culture.

The funny thing about the Jones-Duke debate is that Jones is just like the Goliath being slain by the David of the Bible.  King David, of course, is just more Jewish propaganda, there was no kingdom – it is a self aggrandizing story by Jewish thieves.

King David The Boy Wonder

“The ancient Jewish hero David, “son of Jesse the Bethlehemite,” is a “curiously elusive figure” (Oxford Companion to the Bible). In turns shepherd, giant killer, court musician, poet, warlord and king, nothing and no one outside the Bible notes his existence.

If a historical ‘David’ inspired tales of a legendary king, the original was an inconsequential bandit chieftain in the Judaean hills, nothing more. Possibly the only element of truth in the biblical story is the episode of David as renegade and outlaw leader, living from theft.”

King David of the Bible is myth and is woven into the American Judeo-Christian culture that makes war on the world for the purposes of Jewish theft of resources.  America is a Christian indoctrinated nation, now totally whored to Israel and Jewish interests.  How could that have happened?  How did that horror happen, how could it have happened if there wasn’t widespread Bible indoctrination?



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