Half Way Thru the Apocalypse – You Do Realize What You Have Done?



Half Way Through the Apocalypse

You Do Realize What You Have Done?

Christians Stuck in Judeo Ape Consciousness

Have Imagined and Created an Apocalypse

Bible Prophecy is Really a Program of Destruction


Christians stuck in Jew Ape Consciousness have imagined and created an Apocalypse, reigning down mayhem and destruction in the Middle East and around the world.  Christians are now convinced more than ever that Jesus will return and prophecy will be fulfilled.


None of this would of happened if the script was written reversed theme – Jesus returns before the mayhem and destruction, then the mass Christian consciousness would of created peace and tranquility in anticipation of the return of their savior god.


Christians have bought into Neanderthal Jew Ape destructive consciousness and they are creating the Apocalypse with their thoughts.  They are doing this but don’t know it because they do not know or own their own creative power.  Most theists believe that God has this creative power and the human must pray for intercession on their behalf not realizing the act of prayer is the creative force in action.

They even call this ‘god’ imagination The Creator, implying that they are the product of creation and thus mentally separating themselves from what they are – the creator in the creation.  Humans stuck in primitive Jew Ape Consciousness are not ready yet to accept full responsibility for their thoughts, words, and actions.


We are half way through the script – the ascent of Babylon and evil by Jewish only Israel has turned sharply and reversed now that Putin has entered the Levant.  According to the holy script – the harlot (whore Israel) riding the beast (United States military empire) gets destroyed along with the beast in some terrible fiery end.

THE HOLY BIBLE IS THE_Revenge_of_the_NeanderthaLS

As Christians sing hosannas on high to Yahweh the Jew Ape destroyer God, Jews creative mayhem and destruction all over the globe, killing millions, wounding many more millions and sending tens of millions fleeing for their lives.

apocalypse now

Things got so bad in Ukraine and Syria that Russia had to step in and stabilize the Middle East.  Now the bear is on the move, out of hibernation, stomping out the ISIS Jew proxy army that was beheading whole villages and raping woman into their fold.

who is the harlot IN THE END TIMES SCRIPT

The energy has reverse, we are now entering the second half of the play, where the harlot is destroyed.  So do you realize yet what you have done with your Bible beliefs in Yahweh and Jew Ape prophecy?

putin asks the west if they know what they have done


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