Hopi Prophecy Rock Diagram vs. Rothschild Debt Based System


For decades I have studied ever prophecy I came across and for several years have wondered when the Hopi Prophecy Rock diagram would terminate.  According to the Hopi elders, we are near the end.  Being a student of the Elliott Wave Principle I noticed that the terminal phase of the upper wrong path as marked on the rock as a zig-zag pattern was remarkably similar to an extended fifth wave.  Since we are at the end of a large uptrend wave pattern now it seems to be a good time to review what happens next.

Chart courtesy of Daneric Elliott Waves illustrating the end of a major Grand Supercycle wave:

According to some online Elliotticians, we are at the top of the wave that results in a sudden reversal and plunge in the stock averages.  That coincides with the Trump administration attempting to kick off World War 3 with North Korea, Russia, and China which could surely cause a 1929 style collapse.  In other words we have economic and stock market data that coincides with Hopi Prophecy of the end of this civilization.  Just last week the search for “nuclear war” on Google reached an all time high.

T H E    H O P I    P R O P H E S Y    R O C K

by Johnny Pious

"The figures H standing upon the false path represent the wicked themselves. Older Hopi claim that heads have recently been added to these symbols, for they remember a time when no heads existed on these figures. The absence of heads would represent the punishment or death that the wicked must undergo as a result of following the false path.

The two zigzag lines I stemming from the false path represent the careless and different paths to permanent destruction pursued by the wicked. Each zigzag is the pursuit of a careless and wicked intention that will eventually come to a dead end when all evil intentions have been exhausted. This "dead end" is shown by the symbol turning around or sagging down J. The upper zigzag line has recently been scratched and marred to such an extent that is resembles a fourth figure, which the Hopi say was not there originally. Whether it was or was not does not seriously affect this translation."

All efforts to prop up the “dead horse” of the United States economy with huge Federal Reserve credit infusions have failed and now the only option left is to wage war.  Certainly the war savagery of the economic system of Rothschild and his Jewish minions is a  “wicked” and “false path” that ends in disaster.  The desperation of the evil Rothschild Zionist criminal cabal that has enslaved much of the world with debt based money appears to nearing its end.

This is an exact match for the Hopi interpretation that says Each zigzag is the pursuit of a careless and wicked intention that will eventually come to a dead end when all evil intentions have been exhausted."  We certainly are at that point now, all the tricks and skullduggery of the evil supremacist Jews has reached a termination point except for nuclear war which will result in the termination of the upward zig-zag.



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