The Truth about the Truth Movement


As the truth movement infighting continues unabated the question arise who can you trust.  The answer is of course no one.  Nearly every personality in the so-called truth movement is either controlled opposition, religious, racist, a big egoist, a government statist, a Jewish mole, or maybe even a paid Jew whore.  Nearly every player with an ax to grind has a hidden agenda.  Some are working out right with the enemy collecting a a check under the table.  Can you trust any Christian truther who loves the Jew Bible?  Can you trust any Jew turned Christian?  Can you trust Donald Trump, a long time friend of Hillary Clinton?

During the 2016 Presidential election you were made to believe that Hillary Clinton was venomously opposed to Donald Trump.  They were painted as ideological opposites.  Many truth tellers took Trump’s side.  Trump was going to out the 911 perps, Trump was going to stop the anti-Russia rhetoric and WW3.  Trump was cast as a savior by the alt media and said to be bad for Israel by the main stream media.  But as it turns out Trump is 100% on Israel’s side just like Hillary.

As Mr. Trump take off his mask we see the egotistical megamanical Zionist controlled monster that he is.  Trump is now just another mass murderer, he is not on your side if you are for truth, love, life, and the “beautiful children”.   Another 68 Syrian children blown to bits by the Judaic killers in Aleppo who are supplied explosives by the USA.  Trump, like Hillary, is a bloodthirsty Israeli firster which comes as a surprise to many who are waking up to the real politik in a Jewish controlled nation state called Amerika.

So who can you trust when discussing Mr. Trump?  Any Trump supporter after the Tomahawk attack can not be trusted.  Trump outed himself by reversing all of his non-interventionist ideals on 07 April 2017.  Trump is a 100% phony.  Trump betrayed us with every one of his appointments long before the missile strike.  Trump betrayed us with his March 2016 AIPAC Speech.  Trump betrayed us when his daughter married a crime boss Jew son.  As the Trump illusion fades we learn that Trump was never on our side.

Both Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton married Jew men.  Surprise.  The ruling class of crypto Jews marries Jews.  Maybe the Clintons and Trumps are really Jews marrying Jews.  These beautiful women on the outside, who live in high rise luxury, are all for the Middle East wars that kill and maim little children.  What is the truth about Ivanka and Chelsea?  They are monsters just like their parents.  They are evil ugly monsters just like all the rest of the Jewish establishment.

Jews target children because to a Jew a goy child is not even human.  No real Muslim ever targets woman and children, and this fact escapes those demonizing Islamic terrorists.  They are not Islamic at all, they are 100% Judaic because of how they fight war.  Jews kill everything, it is the Jewish way to be in such an intense state of hatred to kill woman and children, and dogs, olive trees etc.  They do it all the time in Palestine, they are doing it in Syria.  Jews kill children because the rabid Jew doesn’t view the goy child as human.

So all this Muslim bashing is just more Jewish media promoted bullshit.  The Muslims were living in peace in the Middle East until the Zionist Jews showed up and decided to create an expansionist ethnocentric state called Greater Israel.  These same Zionists controlled the United States Government and they are using their military whore to do their dirty work.

All the wars in the Middle East are caused by Israel and Israel controls the United States.  To do this Israel must create the illusion that President elects are working for the interests of the American people.  Trump was sold as a nationalist, an American firster.  But billionaire Trump is not for us at all, he is 100% pro Israel and it only appears that he flipped or was turned.  America backs Israel all the way because America is 100% controlled by Israel and politics is theatre.

So who can you trust?  The truthers who bash these Muslim “invaders”, the Muslims fleeing the destruction of their nation states?  The Judeo-Christian traitors helping the Muslims resettle in our lands?  Reacting to the symptoms of the problem is idiotic.  The world is mess because of Jewish control, reacting against victim refugees is really evil, it is the Jews doing this to us.  Imagine if you were the person fleeing your bombed out nation.

Trump didn’t save us because Trump is a crypto Jew, beholden to Israel.  The problem is not with the Muslims, they were doing just fine before Israel showed up.  Muslims were perfectly happy raising their families in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran until Israeli controlled Amerika bombed them.


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