Lord Enki Message to Mankind Analyzed by Yukon Jack


source:  Message from Lord Enki: December 2013

Yukon Jack’s comments in red

“I am the Lord Enki, the prince of the Earth.

(First of all, anyone who refers to themselves as “Lord” is attempting to be a domineering prick, secondly “prince of the earth” is a title for the devil Satan or Lucifer which means the Lord of Earth is Anunnaki god not the God with big G)

I have been guiding your species for hundreds of thousands of years. Together, we the gods, have created and destroyed civilizations. Together, we will guide your kind to the higher dimensions of wisdom and understanding. Ascension is yours if you choose to accept it. Death shall be your destiny if you choose to deny.

(Enki admits that he was a dominant force behind mankind’s development, nothing to crow about because mankind’s history is appalling, but an admission nonetheless by a war god.  He then claims we can ascend but if we don’t choose that then we all die – a threat.  What if we don’t want any part of his endless warmongering?)

From the time I stepped foot on Earth and created Eridu, I have called this world my home. Now, as it was in the days of Ziusudra, Nibiru is once again nearing. Enlil, through his nation of Israel, has claimed power as the one true God. Marduk has taken control of your Roman Empire. Your United States and European Union are split serving both masters. Marduk, the rotten fruit of my seed, has raised an army in an effort to emerge the ruler of the world.

(It is doubtful any Anunnaki are still here, the packed up and left 4,000 years ago – religion is their perverted legacy, a product of alien contact.)

(Enki says Nibiru is inbound.  Really?  It is doubtful that Nibiru is anywhere in our solar system, no one has detected this huge planet inside of Jupiter’s orbit, so it isn’t swinging by anytime soon.) 

(Interestingly, in the third paragraph the United States and Israel are cited as under control of Marduk (Enki’s son) and the source of all the mayhem on earth.  Jerusalem is the center of the monotheistic one god madness on earth, so this message is not from a pro-Abrahamic religion.)

(The use the meme “Marduk, the rotten fruit of my seed,” narrows down the list of possible authors of this message.  Make sure to understand that the creation of mankind by Enki was a criminal and immoral act, and Enki’s condemnation of his own son is double damning of his insane mindset – and reason not to ally yourself with any Anunnaki.)

You must remove yourself from the war of gods and you must not participate on either side. Your religions are perverted systems of the priesthood I once taught your kind. Do not continue to follow blindly, do not look to any scripture as absolute truth. Instead, look to these scriptures for their hidden meanings and wisdom. Look to these scriptures as you would look at the battle plans of an opposing army or nation.

(The perverted religions on earth are the result of alien contact, Enki admits that he is the author of original priesthood – which became perverted – another admission of failure.  What did he think would happen by giving spiritual knowledge to a priesthood?  Anunnaki intervention on earth has been a complete disaster.)

You must shed every part of control that is over you and acknowledge the one true God, the Creator of All. For what has happened on earth is an abomination to the Creator of All, and I, Enki, have committed great sins against nature in my lifetime on earth. I did so with the purest of hearts and the greatest intention but I have wept at my creation’s destruction, many times over.

(Once again we have “god” you claims Lordship over us confessing – this is highly unlikely – gods never admit failure – gods are omniscient and omnipotent and thus never apologize for their fuckups. This message is definitely not from “Lord” Enki but  must be from an apologist for Enki, an Enkiiite)

When Adapa was sent to Nibiru to stand before Anu, I gave one commandment. Now I give you the same commandment. Do not cower before the gods, do not cower before Anu. Instead rise and lock arms. Do not cower before us any longer ; For you are now our equals. Annunaki and Mankind have become one. The bond Heaven-Earth is now yours.

(Once again the human author is revealed “Do not cower before us any longer” is an instruction by an Enkiite.  The human author is rallying us to fight the good fight.  LOL the Mankind is the product of the Anunnaki loins, we have always been them unfortunately)

In the words of Enlil, “When we came to earth, we created man in our image. Their offspring were in our likeness. Now, our offspring are in the likeness of Mankind.” Because of this undeniable truth, you have become the rulers of this world. But deceivers who seek harm upon you have taken the roles in the upper echelons of your society, who together with Marduk, have created alliances with beings not of Annunaki nor of Mankind.

Your leaders have become vessels for these beings and their bodies are operating not of their control. There is no empathy, reason or negotiating with your leaders because your leaders no longer retain the human spirit. This is why all of your leaders appear to age so quickly. The life energy inside of them is quickly drained by these entities and their life essence is removed and merged with the life essence of the dark ones.

(Another interesting claim that our leaders are not human, but we know why, and it is not evil spirits but being indoctrinated into Judaism, the Jewish supremacists.  All Presidents are picked beforehand by the Illuminati Jews who run the Federal Reserve System.)

When lots were drawn between myself, Enlil and Anu, I was designated the ruler of Eridu and the Abzu. I created your kind to toil for us in the terrible Abzu of fire and brimstone. When primitive workers we could not control, I endowed you with our essence and created civilized man. Against the wishes of Enlil, I endowed you with the gifts of the tree of knowledge and taught you the powers and wisdom of the heavens. But I did not have a right to control you. I did not have a right to use you as workers.

(Once again the Lord admits his guilt to us.  I think that is highly unlikely.  Of course no alien has any right to control us, so why didn’t these “gods” realize that truth before they came here and stole our gold?)

Nibiru is still in danger. The gold does not hold well upon each passing near of the sun. The mining operations from Earth to Nibiru have gone on for over a hundred shar, serving only as a temporary fix. Perhaps the Creator of All has deemed our planet unfit for survival. Perhaps, in our haste to save our home, we have doomed your planet to the same terrible fate by prolonging ours and unleashed horrors by our own hands that you should have never seen.

(It is doubtful that Nibiru still exists (if it ever did), the whole mining for gold for Nibiru’s atmosphere is probably BS, the Anunnaki space pirates wanted gold just like pirates on earth – to trade for wine, women, and song or whatever.  Make sure to understand that no extraterrestrial has any right to remove materials from earth for their damn planet – and it was all for naught because Nibiru was destined to die anyways.)

It is with a heavy heart that I review the events of the past and it is with great hope that I present the future to you.

In the sky you have seen signs of Nibiru’s passage. You have seen the coming of ELENIN. This was a warning of the extinction level event and a warning that nibiru is near. The clan of Enlil propagated your internet with ideas that this is the coming of Nibiru in a prophecy designed to fail, so many of you will no longer look to the sky. Likewise, they propagated an end date of December 21, 2012, another false-prophecy designed to fail for the same reasons.

(Elenin was a comet in 2011 that brokeup when it passed the sun, here the author claims that Elenin is somehow related to Nibiru.  Many on the internet linked Elenin to the end of the cycle 21 Dec 2012)

You have seen other signs in the heaven with YU55 and the passing of comet Ison. These are not comets in the traditional sense, and you have been lied to about their great orbits. Genuine comets typically do not burn in the Sun’s atmosphere and return just as your Comet Hale-Bopp will in a few more decades. These objects are the warnings of Nibiru’s passage. But not be distracted. Do not look at what is happening, look to a place where things have begun happening for the truth.

(More comet claims, this is superstition that YU55, Comet Ison, or Hale-Bopp has some link to Nibiru)

Just as in the time of Ziusudra, the counsel has convened and oaths to not communicate this great calamity to Mankind have been taken. However, with your understanding of god-like technology and your understanding of god-like science and astronomy, many amongst you have begun informing one another of the coming calamity.

Enlil’s nation of Israel has attempted to hide the truth from you. They employ human workers to ridicule, slander, assault and sometimes kill those of you who have been watching the sky. No matter what happens, it is important that you never give up or become discouraged. It is all nothing more than a sinister game played on your minds, in order to control you.

(No doubt the Zionists have an army of disinformationists, they control Google, Youtube, and Twitter and Microsoft)

Your aerospace facilities have kept hidden from you the massive bases on the moon. Some of your earth leaders have been promised refuge there ; However, Marduk has lied to your leaders and will not journey to your moon with any human. Other humans will be escorted into underground facilities for safe harbor. Humans who journey to these facilities will never escape, and their generations will become enslaved for thousands of years.

My clan has developed technologies in your north and south poles and for the first time, we are capable of controlling the disaster of Nibiru’s passage. We are attempting to counteract the effects of Nibiru’s gravitational pull. Your instruments have seen the magnetic poles changing directions in an unnatural way. This is our technology in use, and in efforts to prevent the physical pole shift. We have employed space weapons of terror to protect your satellites and power grids. We believe with our infrastructure, we can prevent another deluge.

You have seen your earth changing in climate. This is a natural occurrence ; However, your leaders have claimed that it is your doing. Many of the people have not fallen for this deception. You must urge others to do the same. You have seen great winds, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, freezing and burning temperatures. This erratic cycle will continue as your world wobbles to and from its original orbit.

(The earth is not wobbling from its original orbit , the weather is normal, and global warming is a gigantic hoax.)

Marduk plans to emerge as the ruler of the earth upon the next passage of Nibiru and claim to be your One True God. His clan has several plans in place for all possible outcomes. If my clan’s efforts are unsuccessful, Marduk plans to control all survivors of the catastrophe. The second plan involves the chemicals being sprayed in your sky. When it was determined that your atmosphere is dwindling, we employed a plan of action similar to the one on Nibiru ; However, against my words, the counsel was unwilling to spare any of the gold to repair your atmosphere and henceforth began using other metals from your earth. The air you breathe is causing you to suffer from cancer and newly-developed medical ailments. Radiation alone does not cause cancerous growth. It is through ingesting these particulates that your bodies begin to grow cells which eat your organs and skeletal structure. These outcomes could not be foreseen.

(Marduck is not coming back – this is just the recycling of the Jesus myth.  The Anunnaki are long gone – see Alien Interview book by Lawrence Spencer: 


About thirty years after this plan was put into action (in the 1960’s) , in your 1990s, the decision to block visibility to the cosmos was made by Marduk, who highjacked the geo-engineering operation. An additive was added to the mixture to create the white blanket you see in the sky now. This is to prevent you from seeing signs of the passage of Nibiru.

(There are plenty of space telescopes above the atmosphere – and the sky is not obscured.  The longing for the gods to return has created tales of Nibiru coming back but we can’t detect it.)

When Marduk became aware of our efforts in your North and South pole, he ordered his clan to add nanotechnologies to the mixture which bind to your DNA. His clan also developed genetically modified organisms, which are being pushed on your people. These organisms, along with the nanotechnologies you breathe, are designed to depopulate the weaker humans while at the same time changing the DNA structure of your species in an effort to remove the gifts I gave you and turn you back into a primitive worker, capable of taking orders but incapable of communicating and rebelling.

(This is a wild claim that chem trails now have nanobots and changind DNA. )

The time has come when you, as mankind, must utilize the gifts I gave you and remember who you are and where you come from. You are civilized man, with the ability to raise crops and herd cattle. You must go back to your roots if you want to survive as a free species. Do not trust the food at your markets, do not eat anything that is packaged or processed, and do not drink water without purifying it first. This is all designed to cloud your mind and change your DNA and the DNA of your offspring. Likewise, do not trust in the medicines from your healers, instead look to the healers of the past (the shamans) who used energy, prayer and plants.

(Enki tells us to go back to the land, farm and raise cattle and not eat the product produced by corporations – which are the result of alien contact)

Many will soon die, whether it is due to the passing of Nibiru or the abominations of Marduk. You must learn to live without attachments and you must understand your generation’s destiny and how important it is to the survival of your species as free and independent beings. You were placed here as warriors, as men of renown, but many of you will fall. The sacrifices you make here on Earth will be the gifts you give to the following generations.

(Once again our future is death, we were illegally created as warriors for these insane Anunnaki space pirates, and since we are an illegal specie we face a certain extinction.  See Mother Shipton prophecy video posted at end of this essay.)

Do not be afraid. Understand your role and the choices you make. Do not cower before gods or men and embrace your destiny.

I, Enki, will be with you until the end of time.”

(Overall I believe this message is not from Enki but from Enki apologists who are also aware of the Zionist plague on earth and sent this message out as propaganda and as a warning. 

Everything in the message is already known by the conspiracy community and trying to make Enki our Lord is just silly since he was the instigator of the whole human problem in the first place.  Enki/Jesus/Krishna is not our lord, free people don’t need lords.

Unfortunately, so many New Agers claim authority by channeling information from the gods.  If we are ever to be free we need to think for ourselves and not be worshipping the gods who fled earth when another more powerful galactic civilization pushed them out.)